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Change to the Current Programme – Sunday 15th July

Due to the heavy volume of traffic generated by the Festival of Speed at Goodwood it has been decided to cancel the task for Sunday 15th July. The ragwort pulling was in fact done last week and the walling that would have been done has been re-arranged to the 29th July.

****** Another Change – Social Walk

Claire’s social walk scheduled for Friday 20th July has had to be postponed to Friday 27th, details remain otherwise unchanged.

Spring/Summer Programme

Details of tasks and events up until October 2018 have now been added to the current programme follow this link to see what’s on.

Please note the change of task leader for 29th April.

Winter Programme

The new winter programme is now available at by following this link.


Changes to Work Site Details

For those of you who use satellite navigation (or Google maps) we have now added the postal codes closest to our work sites to the directions for each site see work sites



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