Current Programme

We welcome newcomers and those returning after a time of no contact. In all cases contact the task-leader of the work day beforehand to let them know that you are coming and to discuss requirements of the work and how to get there. The task-leader will work out arrangements for a lift with you if needed. Descriptions of and directions to the various sites can be found on our work sites page.



Immediately below are the contact details of the leaders for this programme.

Scott Robertson         01243 552113 or 07815 021331

Richard Wilson          01243 528056                                 Ian Godfrey        01243 782501 or 07746 749047

Claire Wilton                          01243 788833 or 07952 054239    Alan Walker        01243 825091 or 07539 090509


Sunday 7.1.18.  National Trust, probably at Lavington Common. Task-leader: Richard Wilson.

Sunday 14.1.18.   Levin Down. First meeting of the year with volunteers of Sussex Wildlife Trust. Scrub Clearance. Task-leader: Claire Wilton.

Sunday 21.1.18.   Heyshott Down. Cutting and clearance. Task-leader: Scott Robertson.

Sunday 28.1.18.   Levin Down. Task-leader: Richard Wilson.

Sunday 4.2.18.   National Trust Slindon. Hedge coppicing together with RSPB volunteers and NT ranger. Task-leader: Scott Robertson.

Sunday 11.2.18.   Levin Down. Task-leader: Richard Wilson.

Tuesday 20.2.18  7pm AGM/Committee Meeting at Claires.

Sunday 18.2.18.   National Trust, probably at Lavington Plantation. Task-leader: Claire Wilton.

Sunday 25.2.18.   Levin Down. Task-leader: Richard Wilson.

Sunday 4.3.18.   Manhood Project Hunston. Work at a pond. Task-leader: Ian Godfrey.

Sunday 11.3.18.   Levin Down. Task-leader: Claire Wilton.

Sunday 18.3.18.   The Mens. Clearance. Task-leader: Ian Godfrey.

Sunday 25.3.18    Heyshott. Cutting up and burning debris wood previously cut by chain-saw. Task-leader: Scott Robertson.

Sunday 8.4.18    Heyshott. Continuation of the previous week’s task Task-leader: Ian God.frey.

Sunday 15.4.18.   National Trust at Woolbeding Common – probably dry stone wall rebuilding. Task-leader: Scott Robertson.

Sunday 29.4.18.   Stedham Common, Sussex Wildlife Trust. Rhododendron bashing.      Task-leader: Ian Godfrey.



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