Current Programme

We welcome newcomers and those returning after a time of no contact. In all cases contact the task-leader of the work day beforehand to let them know that you are coming and to discuss requirements of the work and how to get there. The task-leader will work out arrangements for a lift with you if needed. Descriptions of and directions to the various sites can be found on our work sites page.



Immediately below are the contact details of the leaders for this programme.

Scott Robertson         01243 552113 or 07815 021331

Richard Wilson          01243 528056

Ian Godfrey                  01243 782501 or 07746 749047

Claire Wilton               01243 788833 or 07952 054239

Alan Walker                 01243 825091 or 07539 090509

Sunday 16th December Heyshott Down. Clearance and burning up for the Murray Downland Trust. A reserve which has some exceptional orchids and more rare butterflies. Task-leader: Scott Robertson.

Sunday 6.1.19. Lavington Plantation. A heathland reserve managed by the National Trust. We help to reduce and stabilise the number of birch and pine. The air should be sweet after Christmas indulgences. Task-leader: Richard Wilson.

Sunday 13.1.19. Levin Down. Sussex Wildlife Trust downland reserve. Good in season- we hope again this year- for some of the less usual butterflies, juniper and spindle trees. The work will be scrub clearance or cutting back; with a wood fire. Task-leader Bill Young.

Sunday 20.1.19. Graffham Common. Probably stripping re-emergent pine seedlings where a site has been cleared by machinery to re-establish heathland. A lovely off the track reserve with a mixture of woods and heath. Task-leader: Scott Robertson.

Sunday 27.1.19. Levin Down. See 13.1.19. Task-leader: Bill Young.

Sunday 3.2.19. Lavington Plantation. See 6.1.19. Task-leader: Richard Wilson.

Sunday 10.2.19. Levin Down. See 13.1.19. Task-leader: Bill Young.

Sunday 17.2.19. Heyshott Down. Managed by the Murray Downland Trust including the one remaining commoner! The reserve has close liaison with Natural England because of its many rare plants. It has more than one species of endangered butterflies. Tasks are various. Task-leader: Scott Robertson.

Sunday 24.2.19. Levin Down. Task-leader: Bill Young.

Sunday 3.3.19. The Furze. This is another Sussex Wildlife Trust reserve and we return to complete and perhaps extend the great amount of work we did in November – cutting up brushwood stacked up by the two chain-saw bearing staff of the Trust. The work is certainly making a difference and it is down to those two staff and our group since we started 2 years ago. A wide clearing is being created down through the wood to either side of the footpath to the benefit of woodland edge plants and butterflies. We have an update from the reserves manager who reports that the plan is succeeding. Task-leader: Alan Walker.

Tuesday 5.3.19. A.G.M. At Alan’s.

Sunday 10.3.19. Levin Down. See 13.1.19. Task-leader: Bill Young.

Sunday 17.3.19. The Manhood Peninsula on one or more sites managed by the Manhood Project. The task will include planting wetland plants. Task-leader: Scott Robertson.

Sunday 24.3.19 Levin Down. The last work day here until the Autumn, unless Bill requires some assistance with summer time maintenance of the reserve. Task-leader: Bill Young.

Sunday 31.3.19. Lavington Common. Again last visit of the season but Richard will remain alongside us! Will there be Dartford Warblers this year? Task-leader: Richard Wilson.

Sunday 7.4.19 Heyshott Down. As 17.2.19. Task-leader: Scott Robertson.

Sunday 14.4.19. ‘Catch-up Day’. Time tabled in to catch up on work which we may have had to postpone because of poor weather at a previous date. Should unusually there be no work holding over then a fresh task will have been identified beforehand. Leader for the task – Scott Robertson.

Sunday 28.4.19 It is hoped to be able to organise a walk or other social event. Details will be available closer to the time.


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